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  1. "oral sex" translation into Portuguese
  2. Grammar, political correctness, and oral sex
  3. What does ORAL SEX mean?

"oral sex" translation into Portuguese

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STD From Oral Sex: How Likely Is It?

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This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.

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    Grammar, political correctness, and oral sex

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    This is an interesting example of the way that a practice can be falsely conflated with a disease. Like masturbation was and maybe still is , cunnilingus is taboo enough that it can be made into the villain in a story about cancer. Imagine, as a counterfactual, a headline that said that syphilis was caused by sexual intercourse.

    This is clearly wrong. We all know that syphilis is transmitted by unprotected sexual intercourse.

    What does ORAL SEX mean?

    I'm not intensely familiar with the specifics of HPV, but couldn't it just as well be transmitted via unprotected fellatio, if the person performing the act has HPV? It appears that a woman could also contract HPV while receiving oral sex. That's a pretty powerful incentive for a woman to be tested for it, and to encourage a partner s to be tested and vaccinated as well. It would be nice if the reputation of vaccinations could be restored and be associated with social responsibility again.